Light Deprivation System

GK’s Greenhouse division manufactures greenhouses that can be used in a light deprivation environment. Light Deprivation Systems allow the grower to set the best harvest schedule for plants by controlling the light cycle and timing of the light. GK Greenhouse department works directly with two professional light deprivation specialists with over 30 years of experience in the industry. GK Greenhouses and our professional contractors can provide everything you need, including the greenhouse, coverings and system installation. A light deprivation system can be used to change the day length for your crop and also can be used as a heat retention cloth at night. The cloths come in a range of shade percentages to best fit your individual application. The cloths reflect the infrared light to reduce the heat gain and diffuse the light the crop uses to increase the health of the plant.  The right cloth can be pulled at night creating an attic space above the curtain and reducing your heat loss saving you up to 30% annually.

Light Deprivation Flyer PDF

If you have questions about increasing harvesting time and improving your overall product yield with light deprivation, contact our Greenhouse Specialists for more information or call 503-678-5525.