Fans & Ventilation

GK Machine carries a wide variety of fans and ventilation systems for your greenhouse. Exhaust fans are commonly used to reduce moisture and remove stale air to be replaced by fresh outdoor air. Exhaust fans mount through a cutout in a roof or wall. Belt-driven exhaust fans handle large volumes of air at low static pressures. Fans run quietly and allow greater control over fans speeds than direct-drive exhaust fans. Direct-drive exhaust fans have their motor mounted on the fan shaft, so they are more compact and have fewer moving parts than belt-driven fans. Ventilation has two important purposes: providing fresh air, mainly carbon dioxide, to plants and cooling for the greenhouse. Cooling in the summer can be accomplished most easily with a combination of shade, proper ventilation, and an evaporative cooling system like a misting system, fogger, or evaporative cooler.

Greenhouse Fans

J&D Exhaust Fans & Circulation Fans

GK Greenhouse Department carries the highest rated brands in the industry, including J&D Exhaust & Circulation Fans. Moving air through your greenhouse with exhaust fans is an excellent way to manage the climate for your plants and produce.

J&D manufactures a complete line of galvanized and fiberglass exhaust fans that are perfect for any application. Fiberglass exhaust fans are corrosion and rust resistant which means they’re ideal for any growing environment. Whether you require a 12″ indoor/outdoor shutter fan or an easy-to-install large exhaust fan, J&D has the right ventilation system for your needs. Fans ship fully assembled out of the box so you’re up and running in no time!

J&D Exhaust Fans

  • Typhoon Exhaust Fan
  • Wall Master Exhaust Fan
  • ES Shutter Fan

J&D Circulating Fans 50″

  • Panel Fans
  • Whirl-Wind Box Fan
  • Poly Stormer
  • High Output Deluxe Basket Fan
  • Heavy Duty Ind. Basket Fan
  • Fiberglass Funnel Fan
  • HAF Stir Fan with Wide Guard
  • HAF Panel Fan with Wide Guard
  • Prem. Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  • Green Breeze HAF Fan
  • EZ-Breeze HAF Fan
  • PSC Inflation Blowers & Brackets
  • Ind/Outdoor UL507 Fan
  • Ind/Outdoor UL507 Osc. Fan
  • Heavy Duty Ind. Pedestal Fan
  • Premium Direct Drive Drum Fan
  • Confined Space Ventilator
  • Diamond Brite Port. Drum Fans
  • Galvanized Portable Drum Fans

Greenhouse Ventilation

GK Greenhouse Department offers a wide selection of greenhouse shutters and commercial shutters in various sizes; PVC shutters, stainless steel shutters, aluminum shutters, maintenance free operation shutters, and corrosion resistant shutters. GK also carries all the louvers and vents for your greenhouse, cold frames, high tunnel or nursery application.

Achieve the maximum ventilation possible on hot and humid days with a wall shutter for your inlet or outlet venting application!

Shutter Features:

  • Rustproof aluminum frame and louvers
  • Included louvers are lined with weather stripping to provide quiet operation and reduce heat loss in the greenhouse during cold months.
  • Shutters can be equipped with an optional shutter motor to automate them and prevent wind from opening the louvers when ventilation is not needed.

Optional Shutter Motor Features:

  • Motors mount directly to shutter for easy installation.
  • Lowest power usage in the industry of only 2 watts.
  • Very quiet with no loud humming.

Greenhouse Side Roll-Ups

Roll-up sides can be built into any greenhouse to control temperatures and humidity in all seasons. Fresh outside air is swept in through the roll-up sides as the warm air filters out. In addition to cooling the greenhouse, roll-up sides change the air and improve growing conditions within the greenhouse.

The main benefit of roll-up sides is that they allow for structure ventilation without electricity being a requirement. Because electricity isn’t a requirement for a fully functioning roll-up side any size farming operation can implement the hardware into their growing structures. In addition to being relatively affordable, they are very simple to use.

Adding Roll-up Sides to an Existing Structure
While it is easiest to install roll-up sides during the initial construction of a greenhouse structure it is possible to add roll-up sides to a structure that doesn’t currently have them. Upgrading existing structures to include a roll-up side ventilation system isn’t difficult, but may require new side plastic if re-using that plastic is not possible.

While many greenhouse structures do not have roll-up sides those structures are outfitted with fans that help move air and regulate the interior environment. Without these components roll-up sides are the best way to control the interior environment affordably.