Fasteners & Hardware

Poly Lock Channel

Poly Lock Channel is a great way to construct an all-metal rail as part of your greenhouse or hoop house. This galvanized steel material does not rust or decompose as lumber does, so the life of the material is unparalleled. It is easy to attached Poly Lock to the metal channel with Tek screws in order to securely hold coverings with Wiggle Wire.

Poly Lock

Poly Lock secures to metal hoops with self-drilling TEK Screws, connect multiple lengths of Channel to each other with Connection Plates and special made Clamps. 

  • Each Unit has one Channel Poly Lock (4” x 2″ x 17’)
  • Ideal for “Metal Only” Rails
  • Great For Securing Top Covers to one track and Roll-up Sides separately to the bottom track
  • Each Poly Lock track / run can hold up to 20 mil
  • Comes with one Connect Plate and Clamps per unit of Channel

Wiggle Wire

The brand for the quality that has proven to be a low-cost, effective way to attach material to greenhouses. Efficiently and economically secures any flexible material (from 6 mil to 20 mil thick) such as poly film, shade cloth, screening, ground cover and tarps. Wire lock attaches easily to metal with screws. Film can be removed and reinstalled seasonally without damage to locking wire.

Base Purlin – Galvanized Rails

GK Greenhouses now offers Galvanized Stud Rails on all GK Greenhouses. Lumber baseboards are common for greenhouses, high tunnels and hoop houses.  There are many benefits to metal rails, they do not rot and do not have to be replaced when damaged.  Metal rails are less risky to use for organic farmers since treated lumber cannot make contact with the soil. Galvanized studs will last longer and are much stronger comparable to wood baseboards.

Other Accessories

GK Greenhouse Department offers a large selection of greenhouse accessories to help you manage greenhouse growing and extend your growing season all year long. GK carries all of the fasteners, clamps, and crews and clips needed for securing tarps, banners, shade cloth, curtains and film. 

GK Greenhouse also carries a complete inventory of Wire Lock, Wiggle Wire and pipe straps, brace bands, and slide door kits.