Javo Products

GK Machine has partnered with Javo to provide customers with high-quality machinery and innovative applications for greenhouse growers. 

Javo manufactures a complete line of Potting Machines, Tray Automation, Soil Systems, Transport Systems, and Robotic Systems for today’s greenhouse farming. GK Machine will provide sales of Javo potting machines and automation systems for greenhouse growers. GK Machine will also provide service and repairs for existing Javo customers and we will carry a supply of Javo replacement parts at our Parts Counter in Donald, Oregon. 

Quality, innovativeness, and ease of use are the hallmarks of all Javo machines and systems. 50 years ago, the first Javo potting machine was designed. Since then, Javo has been the standard in horticultural automation for generations. GK Machine is excited to partner with Javo to provide customers with the machinery and automation they need to increase efficiency in today’s competitive growing environment.

Javo Products:

Potting Machines

The fast and efficient way for potting plants and trees. Javo provides customization through various potting machines that closely match your needs and requirements. Models include:

  • Javo Standard 2.0
  • Javo Ecobasic
  • Javo Plus
  • Javo Plus M2.0
  • Javo Plus
  • Javo Super
  • Javo Super Mega
  • Javo Unimax
  • Javo Unimax XXL
  • Javo Easytopper
  • Javo Shower

Tray Automation

Javo provides a ready-made solution for various tray sizes. All conceivable setups are possible for proper operation, especially when consulting with tray and pot manufacturers for a complete program.

Soil Systems – Javo offers several choices and options for soil and other substrate supplies, making your operation the most efficient.

Transport Systems

For transporting pots and trays, Javo systems are built in varying sizes, offering a suitable solution for any setup. Functionality is built entirely client-specific.

Robotic Systems

Robot systems provide buffering, picking up, and putting down pots and trays for maximum efficiency.

Javo PARTS: 

GK Machine now offer various replacement parts for your Javo potting machines. Our parts are high quality, readily available, and stocked at the GK Parts Counter.


GK Machine offers repair services for Javo potting machines in Oregon and Washington. GK Machine’s experienced Repair Mechanics will travel to your location and help you solve any issues with your Javo potting equipment. GK will also help you diagnose, troubleshoot, and find the correct replacement part(s) for your Javo equipment.

Looking for more? Visit Javo’s Website!