Greenhouse Heating

Greenhouse Heaters

L.B. White Greenhouse Heaters

Key Features of the Therma Grow™ Greenhouse Heater
  • 10-year warranty against heat chamber and case corrosion
  • Meets all OSHA requirements for greenhouse
  • Dependable, fuel efficient hot surface ignition
  • Only CSA approved certified greenhouse heater
  • 100% test fired at the factory prior to delivery

GK offers the following LB White Heaters:

ThermaGrow 120ThermaGrow 220
ThermaGrow 120 PlusThermaGrow 220 Plus
Therma Grow greenhouse heaters are advanced, clean-burning, direct fired models offer 20% better fuel efficiency than traditional greenhouse heaters!

GK provides the most dependable, fuel efficient and powerful heaters on the market. L.B White Heaters are offered in both 220,000 and 120,000 BTU, propane or natural gas models. Features quick response on-demand heat, easy integration with building controls and can be easily installed for either indoor or outdoor applications.

Modine Greenhouse Heaters

Modine heaters are an excellent choice for horticultural, commercial, industrial and agricultural uses. They are corrosion resistant, easy to operate and maintain. Modine Heaters are available in your choice of propane or natural gas. All Modine heaters are thoroughly tested in conditions that replicate the most demanding in-field experiences. Modine is a dependable, rugged heating application that commercial greenhouse operators can depend on to meet their needs.

Whether you need to protect your plants and vegetables in cold weather, or need maximum performance for customer comfort, GK Greenhouse Department is here to help answer to all your horticulture, nursery, greenhouse and growing needs!

Dayton Greenhouse Heaters

This tubular gas fired direct spark propeller unit heater is designed to be suspended within the space to be heated.

  • It features 2-point suspension for balanced installation.
  • The power venting allows horizontal venting through side walls.
  • Delivers 83% thermal efficiency.
  • ETL Certified in accordance with both Categories I and III venting requirements.

Note: For altitudes above 2000 FT., consult owner’s manual prior to installation for proper adjustments. This heater is not to be connected to duct work.

Thermostat – PECO Thermostat T115-23

GK offers the best thermostat on the market. It tolerates moist conditions, high humidity and airborne contaminants for heating or cooling systems.

  • One control for heating & cooling, makes use centralized & easy.
  • Rugged, weather resistant enclosure, enabling placement most anywhere.
  • Tolerates moist conditions, performs despite water spray, high humidity, airborne contaminates & moderately corrosive conditions.
  • Large, visible dial, making set point temperatures clear.
  • Enclosures comply with N.E.C. Article 547, giving code compliance peace-of-mind.
  • Built from corrosion resistant materials, allowing long life & reliable performance in most demanding climates.