Ground Cover

Ground Cover is ideal for greenhouses, outdoor areas and as a weed barrier for plantings where a weed free environment is needed. GK Greenhouse Department provides a tough versatile fabric for ground cover designed to last for year to come. Strong woven fabric to keep weeds out and allows water to easily disperse.

Coming in either black or white, the ground cover is striped every 12 inches for aiding you in aligning your pots and is UV stabilized to last even in direct sunlight. Control weeds, temperature and moisture inside the greenhouse with GK’s ground cover and weed blocking fabrics. Frost blankets protect your plants in early spring and late fall extending your growing season and increasing your profits and crop yields. Protect your equipment, delicate plants, and trees from wind, sun, and heavy rain with our wide variety of tarps and fabrics.


  • Embedded stripes on 12” on center for quick and easy pot alignment
  • Prevents weeds without harmful chemicals
  • Conserves water in arid environments
  • Drains easily to reduce puddling in wet environments
  • UV protected to provide years of use
Standard Features:

  • 3’, 4’, 6’, 10’, 12’, and 15’ widths
  • 100 linear year put-up
  • Black and White available